Yukio Okumura ( ?? ??  Okumura Yukio ) are Rin’s younger, fraternal twin-brother

Yukio Okumura ( ?? ??  Okumura Yukio ) are Rin’s younger, fraternal twin-brother

A level arrow and type-hearted by nature, he could be the brand new youngest person to actually ever citation the new Exorcist qualification exam, achieving an effective Meister inside Doc and you will Dragoon, and later will get a teacher within Real Cross Academy, in which the guy ironically looks like knowledge his old sis regarding the ways of this new Exorcist.


Yukio provides teal attention and you may brownish hair. Their noticably feature is actually one or two moles below his left eyes plus one you to definitely under his mouth.

From the anime, Yukio can be seen which have a strange black colored mark-on the lower from their leftover arm that’s today starting to spread during their human anatomy. This might features something to create with his completely new birthright because the Satan’s son in addition to Demonic efforts he was supposed to has actually shared with Rin, due to the fact Yukio try shown doing his each and every day comparison and it also reacted, but the draw is never fully said regarding the anime (no matter if Shura appeared to be worried by the sight of it).

On the cartoon, just like the awakening his Demonic efforts for the event twenty-two, Yukio now possesses a comparable Demonic provides because his brother, Rin, while in its individual means (e.grams. Continue reading “Yukio Okumura ( ?? ??  Okumura Yukio ) are Rin’s younger, fraternal twin-brother”